The Beginner's Definitive Guide to Aerospace Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Design: EagleCAD

The Knoph
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Do you want a cushy, exciting, $100,000+ job? Instead of paying a university or college $1500 for an extremely basic PCB design course, why not learn on your own time, for more than half the price, WITH Aerospace, Automotive, Robotics industry practices?

- Are you an electronics hobbyist?

- Are you a student studying electronics (shout out to my Electrical Engineering folks)?

- Ever wondered how Tony Stark makes those cool gauntlets?

- Amazed at how you can listen to music on your headphones?

You’ve come to the right place! This course is tailor made for the needs of those new to electronics design tools (no prior PCB design knowledge necessary), simply because we need more Iron Men saving the world. If you're a beginner looking to learn PCB design as a hobby or for professional development, try this course out! Along with taking you through the software, I will be pointing out design practices I have learned working in the Aerospace, Automotive and Robotics industries, so you too can impress that interviewer (you know who I'm talking about) who wants to take you for a spin on the technical interview train. So take this journey with me and let’s make the world a better place!

A Short Blurb on EagleCAD

Forget Altium or Allegro, Eagle is the software of the hour! It is the most used design tool among amateurs/hobbyists and professional designers alike. If you have ever came across consumer open source hardware such as Arduino, the TI Launchpad, the Hexapod, Polulu A-Star etc, these are all designed on EagleCAD, with examples available on the software. What makes this software so accessible and popular you ask? The simple fact that it is extremely easy to learn and free to use for small project sizes (typically 2 layers).

This Course Will Teach You How To

- Translate a circuit from paper to software, in the form of schematics and board layouts (single and double sided)

- Understand Gerber files and export those Gerber files for production

- Get some cred with the ladies/men, on account of your confidence levels rising with these electrifying (pun intended) newly acquired skills

- Be an awesome electronics designer in record time. 1.5 hours is all you need to learn this!

What This Course Will NOT Do For You

- This course is not suitable for existing intermediate designers or those who already know PCB design and want to learn advanced techniques. There are, however, industry practices that seasoned designers can find beneficial.

- This course does not include multi-layer (4+) PCB Design

Course Contents

1. Intro

2. EagleCAD Installation

3. 1st Project Schematics (The Time Machine)

4. 1st Project Board Layout (The Time Machine)

5. 2nd Project Schematics (Beats by Knoph)

6. 2nd Project Board Layout (Beats by Knoph)

7. Gerber Files

8. Conclusion

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  • 8 video modules worth 1 hour and 30 minutes

  • 8 video modules worth 1 hour and 30 minutes
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The Beginner's Definitive Guide to Aerospace Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Design: EagleCAD

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